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TISCO Expansion Coke Oven Project (VIETNAM)

TISCO Expansion Coke Oven Project (VIETNAM)

TISCO, being a important enterprise in Vietnam, was established in 1958. TISCO possesses coke making plant, sinter plant, iron making plant, steel making plant, rolling mill plant as well as corresponding utilities and auxiliary facilities etc. Its annual output of iron and steel is about 200,000t and common carbon steel casting billet is about 250,00t.

ZECO VALVE provided triple offset butterfly valves, gear operated butterfly valves and gear operated gate valves and some other industrial valves for TISCO Expansion Coke Oven Project (VIETNAM).


Production Field


Packing List:

  • Triple Offset Butterfly Valve 10inch~60inch

  • Gear Operated Butterfly Valve 10inch~60inch

  • Gear Operated Gate Valve 10inch~20inch

  • Wedge Gate Valve 10inch~20inch

  • Wafer Type NRV 10inch~20inch

Client Feedback:

ZECO has provided large size valves with reliable quality for TISCO, which can be used for a long time!