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Sinpec Wenzhou Oil Branch

Sinpec Wenzhou Oil Branch

Since 2010, SINOPEC Zhejiang petroleum branch has invested in the construction of Yongtaiwen refined oil pipeline, and built two auxiliary oil storage facilities in Wenzhou area, namely Binhai and Lingkun. At present, Yongtaiwen long pipeline for finished products has been completed, among which the Binhai oil depot has been completed. SINOPEC Wenzhou oil depot project commencement ceremony held in the banks of the Oujiang river. SINOPEC Senzhou efficacious depot as Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou terminal project of refined oil transmission pipeline supporting one, the total capacity of 322000 cubic meters, the first phase of construction capacity of 202000 cubic meters, oil depot transceiver capacity reached 4 million tons, the new 5000 - ton wharf, such as one set aside 5000 tonnage pier 1, after the completion will be the largest product oil depot area austral short for Zhejiang province.

ZECO valve company provides ball valves, cast steel gate valves and other international standard valves for this project, laying a foundation for the normal operation of the pipeline.


Installation Scene


Packing List:

  • Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve DN50-300

  • Pneumatic Ball Valve DN150-300

  • Wedge Gate Valve DN50-300

  • Stainless Steel Gate Valve DN100-200

  • Wafer Dual Plate Check Valve DN50-300

Client Feedback:

ZECO valve provides a good valve solution for our pipeline system. The product quality is very excellent, regular return visit and provide quality maintenance guidance and training.