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Qingdao LNG Pipeline Project

Qingdao LNG Pipeline Project

The LNG project in Qingdao plays an important role in improving the energy consumption structure and realizing the sustainable development of regional economy.The completed Qingdao LNG receiving station has received 36 ships and discharged 2.626,600 tons of cargo since it was put into operation at the end of 2014. It has been able to transport 2.001 billion cubic meters of natural gas through pipelines and fill 895,900 tons of LNG tankers.

ZECO VALVE supplier provided cryogenic ball valves, cryogenic gate valves and cryogenic butterfly valves and some other cryogenic international standard valves for Qingdao LNG pipeline project.

Production Field

Packing List:

  • Cryogenic Ball Valve 1/2inch~10inch

  • Cryogenic Gate Valve 1/2inch~10inch

  • Cryogenic Butterfly Valve 4inch~10inch

Client Feedback:

The low temperature valve of ZECO is guaranteed to withstand low temperature and can effectively play the role of normal operation.