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Wafer Check Valve

Wafer Check Valve

ZECO wafer check valve is simple in design because the wafer connection is named and consists of body, disc, spring and shaft pin components. Due to the short closing stroke of the wafer check valve and the quick closing by the spring, the impact on the water hammer can be significantly reduced. The wafer check valve can also be divided into wafer type lifting check valve, wafer type dual plate check valve and wafer type single plate check valve. 

Wafer Check Valve for Sale

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When ZECO helps users to choose the wafer check valve for pipelines, it will give the corresponding scheme. The wafer check valve is usually installed in the pipeline that may produce a water hammer. Because of its structural characteristics, the wafer check valve can effectively eliminate the water hammer generated by the counterflow of medium. Another feature of the wafer check valve is that it does not need flange connection, saving installation space. It only needs to be installed in the middle of two pipe flanges, and then fixed with bolts. 

ZECO is specialized in the wafer check valve manufacturers and carries on the design and production strictly in accordance with API 594 standard, the size range of products made from 1/2 "to 88", nominal pressure from 150 lb to 2500 lb. Main valve material includes carbon steel, low-temperature steel, dual-phase steel, titanium alloy, aluminum bronze, Inconel, Monel alloy and other metal materials, products widely used in oil and gas, in the field of global energy, chemical and other industries.