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Globe Valve/ Stop Valve

Globe Valve/ Stop Valve

ZECO globe valve plays the role of cutting off and throttling the flowing medium in the pipeline. The working principle of the globe valve is that when the valve stem is on and off, the valve stem exerts the closing force on the disc in the axial direction, so as to make the sealing surface of the disc closely cooperate with the sealing surface of the valve seat, so as to realize the shut-off effect. 

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Advantages of Globe Valve

Compared with gate valve, the sealing surface of ZECO globe valve has no mutual friction between disc sealing surface and valve seat sealing surface during the switching process, so it is not easy to wear and damage and has longer service life. However, the globe valve also has shortcomings. The first point is that although ZECO has designed double discs on the globe valve with high pressure and large diameter, it is difficult to realize fast opening and closing due to the large torque compared with other valves in the opening and closing process; Second, because of the relationship between the flow passage in the valve body cavity, although the globe valve can play the role of regulation, the regulation performance is difficult to achieve the actual expected effect, and the loss of medium resistance in the pipeline is large. 

However, as a professional supplier of the globe valve, ZECO has designed the problems of the globe valve to the minimum possible, and further improved the shutoff and adjustment performance of the ZECO globe valve to ensure the safety and stability of the product in the process of use. 

ZECO design team is committed to developing valves with the highest performance and the lowest loss for users. ZECO production team focuses on manufacturing products that fully meet the design requirements and standard requirements in accordance with the drawing process. ZECO inspection team carefully verifies each part of the product manufacturing process to ensure that it truly meets the specified requirements.