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Gate Valve By Form

ZECO's gate valve for sale can be divided into several forms, including wedge gate valve, through conduit gate valve, slab gate valve, and industrial gate valve. We promise the quality of the gate valve and provide a competitive price.

ZECO'S Wide Range Of Gate Valves By Form

Details about ZECO Gate Valves

ZECO wedge gate valves closure disc is in a wedge shape. By lifting a gate with a wedge shape, out of the route of a fluid, wedge gate valve either fully closed or fully open. The sealing surface in between the gate and seats are geometric, and once lifted, there are no obstacle things in the flow route, so they are used when minimum friction is required. In this way, the auxiliary sealing load improved. There is a slop structure inside the cavity to make sure disc not to be rotated on the pressure and also to guarantee there is no friction before close position between seat and disc thus reduces friction on the sealing face. ZECO wedge gate valve has advantages than others as small flow resistance, sealing face surfers less flush and corrosion, low torque operation, the direction of the medium not limited, not generate disturb flow and not reduce pressure and short face to face dimension for simple structure.   

ZECO through conduit gate valves is designated parallel gate of this well-known type of product as a sliding valve. The closure element (gate/disc) of a through conduit slab. ZECO through the conduit gate valve is a slab of metal with a diversion hole at the bottom. ZECO through the conduit gate valve provides these specific advantages resulting in reliable performance and a long life span. Total isolation between body chamber and upstream and downstream pipe. Thus venting or drain body chamber applicable. The valve is full of port design not only to minimum flow resistance differential pressure but also to protect the sealing surface finally to extend the life span. Double floating seat construction and self-clean function are adopted. The seat provided adopt by RPTFE or other non-metal feedings which are pressed fit into thread metal seat to protect feedings from dropping. Also we can provide metal to metal seat type to improve reality. We have developed triple sealing seat philosophy to including the resilient seal sealing, metal to metal sealing and additional self-inject grease function and guarantee zero leakage.