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Forged Steel Valve

Forged Steel Valve

ZECO forged valve refers to the blank of valve, which is a forging piece with certain mechanical properties, shape and size produced by applying pressure on the metal blank by forging and pressing machinery, and then processed by ZECO manufacturing department on each side of the forging piece. The main materials used for valve forging are carbon steel and alloy steel of various costs, followed by titanium, copper and other alloys. The original state of forging is bar, ingot, metal powder, liquid metal, etc. Generally, the diameter of other forged valves on the high pressure pipeline of ZECO forged valves is less than 2 inch except some special conditions. Forged ball valves are also suitable for large diameter, because ball valves are easy to process. 

Forged valve adopts the forging process, because the mechanical properties of castings is lower than the same material of forgings, and forgings are formed by casting after forging processing of raw materials, the original casting internal loose grain structure, as a result of the forging force become more closely, make better continuity of metal fibre, plasticity and mechanical properties of the metal. ZECO is specialized in the production of forged valve factory, is the world's many oil companies, gas companies, chemical companies and energy companies and so on industry, the company's long-term strategic cooperation suppliers ZECO to constant innovation, continuous research and development, and constantly improve the attitude of the highest performance to provide users with the most reliable products, and ZECO to create world famous brand, and let ZECO products used in the various countries well-known oil companies to provide users with reliable quality products for a long time.

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