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Forged Steel Check Valve

Forged Steel Check Valve

ZECO specializes in producing forged steel check valves for nearly 30 years. The forged steel check valves include forged steel swing check valves and forged steel lift check valves. Forged steel check valve is a body automatic control valve, mainly rely on the flow of the media to automatically control the valve disc open or close, to prevent the reverse flow of the media in the pipeline. Forged steel swing check valve disc and swing arm connected together, when the medium from the valve inlet flow will push the disc to make the valve in the open state, and when the medium countercurrent, the disc due to gravity and the role of the medium thrust valve in the closed state, the greater the pressure of the medium countercurrent, the better the sealing effect.

Forged Steel Check Valve for Sale

Introduction of Forged Steel Check Valve

The valve disc opening and closing of the forged steel lifting check valve is controlled by the guide on the valve cover to ensure that the sealing surface of the valve seat does not deviate from the sealing surface of the valve seat and affect the sealing.When the medium in the pipeline from the outlet reverse countercurrent back, the pressure of the medium will push the valve disc to close slowly so that the valve disc and valve seat sealing surface closely cooperate with sealing, the greater the pressure of the pipeline, the better the sealing effect. Because the forged steel check valve serves as a counterflow barrier for the medium, ZECO's research and development team focuses on the two most important sealing surfaces of the check valve, and devotes itself to the production of each hard seal check valve to achieve the low-pressure non-leakage condition, which is more convenient for users to use in the working conditions.