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Forged Steel Ball Valve

Forged Steel Ball Valve

ZECO forged steel ball valve can be divided into two structural forms according to the structure. One is the two piece structure ball valve with threaded connection, flange connection and welding connection, and it is usually a resilient sealing structure; The other is the three-piece structure of the ball valve, also has thread connection, flange connection and welding connection, according to the user's working conditions can choose resilient seal structure and metal seal structure. Forged steel ball valves are mainly used in long-distance oil and natural gas pipelines and other high-pressure industrial pipelines. Due to the special characteristics of long-distance pipelines, valves used in long-distance pipelines need to consider the factors of pipeline stress they need to bear, and factors of long-term service reliability of outdoor environment, etc.

Forged Steel Ball Valve for Sale

Advantages of ZECO Forged Steel Ball Valve

Usually ZECO large size three piece ball valve adopts trunnion mounted structure, and the valve seat adopts ZECO's specially designed spring structure, which can push the valve seat to the ball and ensure the good sealing performance of both inlet and outlet; The valve stem is provided with blowout proof structure regardless of any structure, so as to avoid accidental injury accidents caused by the pressure of the valve stem being pushed out by the middle chamber during maintenance. Besides, ZECO adopts bearings with low friction coefficient, which can minimize the torque of the valve during opening or closing; The outstanding anti-static device can export the static electricity generated by the contact between the valve body during the high-speed transportation of natural gas and the contact between the valve seat and the metal ball through the stem and then to the valve body, so as to avoid serious explosion caused by static electricity.