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Manual / Electric Soft Seal Butterfly Valve Instruction

Manual / Electric Soft Seal Butterfly Valve Instruction

Manual / electric soft-sealed butterfly valve is suitable for pipelines whose medium is water, seawater or oil. It is mainly used as a globe valve to cut off the medium to protect the pipeline system.


Manual butterfly valve or electric butterfly valve is mainly composed of butterfly valve body, manual device or electric device.


Soft seal butterfly valve implementation standard

Design and manufacturing standard: GB / T 12238

Standard length of valve structure: GB / T 12221

Connecting flange standards: GB / T9113.1, GB / T17241.6

Inspection and test standard: GB / T 13927


Working principle of soft seal butterfly valve

The soft seal butterfly valve is decelerated by the worm gear transmission (the electric valve is decelerated by the motor through the worm gear transmission), and the disc is driven to rotate within 90 ° by the valve shaft, so that the disc is opened or closed to achieve the goal of communication or cut off the medium.


Structural characteristics of soft seal butterfly valve

Soft seal butterfly valve is a soft rubber seal with a double eccentric structure. This structure can reduce the wear on the sealing surface, reduce the closing torque and increase the service life of the sealing surface.


Because the sealing valve uses stainless steel to rubber, it has good sealing performance. It is a two-way zero leakage valve. The rubber sealing ring is interchangeable, and it is easy and simple to replace.


Soft seal butterfly valve has compact structure, rapid opening and closing, reliable sealing performance (because the friction on the sealing surface is small during opening and closing), light weight, labor saving, long life and convenient maintenance.


Because the manual / electric soft seal butterfly valve has a double eccentric seal structure, when the valve is fully opened, the disc seal ring is in a relaxed state; when the valve is closed, the seal ring is squeezed by the valve body sealing surface and the disc plate, causing elastic deformation. The elastic deformation is that the sealing force between the sealing surfaces of the valve gradually reaches a maximum value, and its characteristics are as follows:

1. The soft seal butterfly valve opens and closes quickly;

2. Soft seal butterfly valve adopts advanced double eccentric seal structure, which has low friction and good sealing performance;

3. The soft seal butterfly valve sealing ring is precisely matched with the valve body, effectively avoiding the washing of the medium, and improving the service life and sealing effect;

4. The material of the soft seal butterfly valve plate seal ring is high-quality rubber, and the seal ring has good anti-aging, anti-wear and long service life;

5. The valve switch limit device of the soft-sealed butterfly valve is reliable, there is no over-open or over-close phenomenon, and the switch indication is consistent with the actual position of the plate.

Electric device has over-torque device, counter stroke control structure, local position indication and remote contact, and two pairs of normally open and two pairs of normally closed contacts; there are full open and close contacts that can meet the requirements of local and remote control . The electric device can accept three-phase four-wire system 380 / 220VAC. The electric device can withstand twice the required torque without permanent deformation and damage; the manual and electric switching modes are automatic operation modes with electric priority.

6. The valve body, disc and stem of the soft seal butterfly valve have sufficient strength and rigidity. After the disc seal is installed, it can be adjusted and replaced inside the valve body.


The above is the detailed introduction of the manual of ZECO VALVE for manual / electric soft seal butterfly valve.

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