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Maintenance and Solutions Before Operation of Pneumatic Ball Valve

Maintenance and Solutions Before Operation of Pneumatic Ball Valve

What are the problems related to the maintenance of pneumatic ball valve before operation? And what are the solutions? Let's have a look!

Ⅰ. Check that the pneumatic ball valve is in the full open position

After grease injection, check whether the ball port of the valve lines up with the plane of the inner cavity of the valve seat. If there is any difference, adjust the open limit bolt on the actuator to ensure that the valve is fully open. Otherwise, it is unable to judge whether the valve is fully open once the pneumatic ball valve is assembled.

Ⅱ. Unable to inject grease into the pneumatic ball valve valve

1. When the valve shaft (rod) is greased, the sealing pressure in the pneumatic ball valve shaft (rod) shall not exceed 20.68mpa. Once it exceeds, check whether the grease gun is faulty and whether the outlet valve at the grease outlet of the grease gun is opened.

2. If there is no grease gun failure, check whether the grease nozzle is blocked, that is, slowly unscrew the grease nozzle and install it at the grease outlet hole of the grease gun. Observe whether the grease nozzle can discharge grease by injecting grease into the grease nozzle. If it does not discharge grease, it indicates that the one-way valve in the grease nozzle has fault, and the grease nozzle should be replaced.

If the grease injection nozzle can discharge grease, check the one-way valve located in the grease injection hole at downstream side of the grease injection nozzle (generally, this one-way valve is installed in the imported valve grease injection hole ), and screw it out with special tools for inspection. Any blockage such as raw material belt shall be removed, and the valve shall be replaced if there is serious fault. If it is still unable to inject grease, it shall be reported to the professional engineer and on-site supervisor for on-site solution by the manufacturer.

Ⅲ. Uneven grease injection from grease injection hole of pneumatic ball valve

After the grease injection of pneumatic ball valve, the blocking may occur in the valve seat sealing grease injection pipe, resulting in uneven or no grease discharge from the grease injection hole of the valve seat. This situation requires a 15°~ 25° turn from the fully open position. Then look into the grease outlet hole of the valve seat, gently dredge it with a soft tool, and continue to observe the grease injection.

Special attention shall be paid to the fact that grease shall not be injected during the rotation of the pneumatic ball valve to avoid damaging the seat seal. Generally, there are 4 nozzle's grease injection at each side of the ball valve are even, while 2 are relatively uneven.

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