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Characteristics of Lug Butterfly Valve

Characteristics of Lug Butterfly Valve

In the professional field, the lug butterfly valve is also known as the single clip butterfly valve. This device is used to connect the valve and the pipe flange. It is a valve that can open and adjust the pipe. Lug butterfly valve can be applied in many fields, such as energy system and food industry, heating and gas industry, hydropower and metallurgy industry and many other industries. What is the working principle and related characteristics of the lug butterfly valve?


In terms of structural features, the lug type butterfly valve mainly reflects the eccentric structure of the wafer type and the butterfly valve flange type, so what is the working principle of the lug type butterfly valve?


The lug type butterfly valve is a valve that achieves the purpose of opening and closing by rotating the shaft. On the relevant work supervisor, it can play a role of cutting off and throttling. At this time, the closing part looks like a disc-shaped butterfly plate on the outside, and can rotate around its own axis, and finally achieve the function of opening and closing and adjusting. Note that at this time the butterfly valve is generally less than 90 degrees during the switching process.


What are the characteristics of the lug butterfly valve?

1. The structure is reasonable in terms of design, and it is also extremely compact. It is especially convenient when disassembling, so it is very convenient for maintenance.

2. The eccentric structure is adopted in the structure. This design can reduce the friction of the main body in the seal ring, and finally achieve the purpose of extending the valve life.

3. It is completely sealed and the leakage has reached zero. It can be used when working in ultra-high vacuum.

4. It can change a lot of different materials, so it can adapt to many media and different temperatures.


The lug butterfly valve must be checked after using it for a certain period of time. This can extend the life and duration of this equipment. It should be noted here that if the rubber ring of the butterfly valve is broken during inspection, it must be replaced in time. This step is also very important. You can refer to the following steps when replacing:


1. When replacing the valve, remove the valve first, and then remove the pneumatic head.

2. The next step is to cut the circle, and then drill it down from the center.

3. Remove the rear end cover, then punch out the rear shaft, and finally take out the damaged rubber ring.

4. Reinstall the new rubber ring. At this time, it should be noted that the shaft hole and the square hole on the valve body need to be kept in a horizontal position.


The above is a brief introduction to the lug butterfly valve. Now do you know the working principle and characteristics of the lug butterfly valve? I hope that the content introduced today can help you to understand the lug butterfly valve more clearly, and at the same time, you can use this tool more efficiently.

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