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North Pars Gas Field

North Pars Gas Field

North Pars Gas Field is one of the biggest independent gas fields of the country. This field which was discovered in 1967 is located some 120 kilometers south east of Bushehr in water depths of 2 to 30 meters in the Persian Gulf.

From 2011 to 2013, ZECO Valve company provided API 6D valves such as wedge gate valves, swing check valves and ball valves for North Pars Gas Field, providing a solid foundation for the normal operation of pipelines.


Production Field


Packing List:

  • Wedge Gate Valve 2inch~20inch

  • Double Offset Butterfly Valve 10inch~32inch

  • Swing Check Valve 2inch~20inch

  • Floating Ball Valve 2inch~8inch

  • Stainless Steel Gate Valve 2inch~16inch

Client Feedback:

ZECO Valve provides us with high quality valves, so that our pipeline will be free from maintenance for a long time. Regular return visits by special personnel make us feel thoughtful about our service.