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Application Scope and Structural Characteristics of National Standard Wedge Gate Valve

Application Scope and Structural Characteristics of National Standard Wedge Gate Valve

The most widely used national standard gate valve is the wedge gate valve. Its structural characteristics are that the sealing pair is formed by two sealing surfaces on the wedge gate plate and two navigation grooves on the valve body to achieve sealing effect. Its structure is simple and its fluid is small. It is often used in pipelines and devices for long-distance transportation, water, oil, gas, and other media.
The purpose of using a wedge gate is to improve the auxiliary sealing load, so that the metal-sealed wedge gate valve can seal not only high medium pressure but also low medium pressure. Close the valve stem clockwise, so that the gate valve sealing surface and body sealing surface close to achieving sealing. However, the specific pressure of the inlet seal of metal-sealed wedge gate valve caused by wedging action is often insufficient to achieve the inlet seal. So the metal-sealed wedge gate valve belongs to one-sided forced seal.
Wedge gate valves are suitable for:
Wedge Gate Valve
is one of the most widely used valves in various types of valves. Generally, it is only suitable for full-open or full-closed, and can not be used for regulation and throttling.
Wedge gate valves are generally used in situations where there is no strict requirement for the shape and size of the valves and the operating conditions are harsh. For example, the working medium of high temperature and high pressure requires the closure parts to be sealed for a long time.
Generally, wedge gate valves are recommended for reliable sealing performance, high pressure, high-pressure cut-off (high-pressure difference), low-pressure cut-off (low-pressure difference), low noise, cavitation, and vaporization, high-temperature medium and low temperature (deep cold). Such as the power industry, petroleum refining, petrochemical industry, offshore petroleum, waterworks and sewage treatment projects in urban construction, chemical industry, and other fields are widely used.

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